Jollygoodfellow is a duo consisting of Mr & Mrs Tanttu – Esa and Lisa. Since the start they have worked in the borderland between art, craft and design. Through various types of products the duo work with a graphic expression from the design to the final piece, including screen printing by hand. Since sustainability is important to jollygoodfellow Esa and Lisa use eco-friendly paper, organic cotton and reuse test prints through creative upcycling.

What is a screen print?
A screen print (or silk-screen) is a print where the ink is forced through a mesh (screen) using a rubber squeegee. Jollygoodfellow usually start with one or more photographs which are adjusted and rasterized digitally. Occasionally with some added hand-drawing. The image is transferred to a transparent film and exposed on a screen which is prepared with photo emulsion. And when the screen is rinsed and dry it’s time to start printing in the jollygoodfellow garage printshop!
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