Esperanto ABC – Poster

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Ĉu vi parolas Esperanton? (Do you speak Esperanto?)

Its really fascinating this ambitious idea to create a new language to foster harmony between people. Esperanto is, after 125 years, still spoken, but I guess English is hard to compete with (which we also use on this web site). If it wasn’t for M. A. Numminen we might not have thought about it  that much. But a language he knows and even sings in must be worth a hand silkscreened poster!

Screen printed by hand on heavy uncoated swedish paper. Available both in off-white (Munken Pure 240g) and white (Munken Lynx 240g).

Size: 46×64 cm (18×25 inches)

Numbered edition of 25, signed with pencil (L. E. TANTTU).

Rolled and packaged with care.